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A pristine collection of post war fireworks, bought from a newsagent's shop in Yorkshire, in 1948 and never fired. Items of note are the Astra Golden Fountain (one of the earliest known examples of a firework from this manufacturer who started in 1946) and the UNICO sparklers, who are an unknown manufacturer. If anybody has information about this company please email me.
The cartoonist A.E. Beard was prolific as the main producer of advertising artwork and posters for Standard Fireworks during the 1930's and 40's. These images are of his 'Standard Bearer' advertising design. They show his original pencil sketch and the finished advert.
Astra Fireworks Raindrop design dating from the early 1970's. This artwork was never produced and is created here for the first time by using the hand-painted ink separations. The Aerial Attack, on page 18 of the book was also created in this way. The black ink separations can be seen by clicking the image. The artist is unknown.
Some very recognisable Standard fireworks, dating from the 1970's. These designs, so typical from selection boxes of the time must surely be some of the most memorable product designs of all time.



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